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Working group Eifel online on the topic: “Mouth and gum care with essential and fatty plant oils”.

Working group Eifel online on the topic: “Mouth and gum care with essential and fatty plant oils”.

  1. February 2022 from Verena Grewenig

On 11.02.2022 the working group Eifel online on the topic:

“Mouth and gum care with essential and fatty plant oils” took place.

Consequences of bad mouth hygiene can not only

  • formation of plaques, quorum sensing, bad breath
  • tartar
  • periodontitis and bleeding gums
  • Tooth inflammation
  • tooth loss

being, but also have consequences for the whole organism

Inadequate dental care increases the risk of cancer in the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and esophagus

Poor oral hygiene can not only lead to gingivitis/gum bleeding and tooth loss, but the bacteria can also enter the bloodstream through the oral cavity, causing inflammation in various parts of the body.

These bacteria can also form clots in the bloodstream, which, if they reach the brain, can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

  • Untreated gum disease doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Diabetes is favored
  • Risk of pneumonia
  • Negative effect on fertility and increased risk of miscarriage
  • Decreased chewing activity also promotes dementia over time
  • Kidney diseases
  • Favors rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gastrointestinal diseases

Here oil pulling/oil chewing can be very beneficial to health

  • It helps against bleeding gums and bad breath
  • strengthens loose teeth
  • reduces plaque
  • fights tooth decay
  • whitens teeth
  • detoxifies
  • holistic therapy for many diseases
  • Penetrates even into the gum pockets and fights harmful bacteria there

It is milder than conventional mouth rinses, cares for the gums and stays on the teeth for a long time

Oil pull 1 time daily for 5-20 minutes

Oil infusion mixture with 0,5 % essential oil and 1 % sea buckthorn pulp oil


For this purpose are particularly suitable

  • Sesame oil – oleic acid, linoleic acid
  • sunflower oil – oleic acid, linoleic acid
  • Coconut oil – lauric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid


These cold-pressed organic oils have antimicrobial properties and have anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. The fatty acids are also powerful antioxidants. Thus, a healthy oral flora is ensured. Particularly good effects are obtained when these fatty oils are mixed with each other


Lemon, Orange sweet, Mandarin red, Ravintsara, Peppermint, Spearmint, Tea tree, Myrrh, Clove bud, Tonka, Manuka, Niaouli, Thyme thymol, Thyme linalool, Cajeput, Rosemary 1.8 cineol, Laurel, Eucalyptus globulus, Lemongrass, Palmarora , Litsea, Lavender fine, Grapefruit

You can get more information about this topic at the day seminar

Lips-mouth-teeth – The gateway to our body Health promotion with essential and fatty plant oils

by Anje Zimmermann on 08.10.22 in Illertissen, see Events/Webinar

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