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Aroma-Forum-International e.V.

We welcome you to Aroma Forum International e.V. with headquarters in Munich.

We are an association whose aim is the transnational promotion, dissemination and protection of traditions and natural sciences in the field of aromatherapy, aroma care and aroma culture.


On these pages, you will find our public area, which informs you in more detail about the objectives of the association and which serves for general knowledge transfer. Among other things, you will find an encyclopaedia, an advanced training program for non-professionals and advanced students.


If you support us as a member, you will find detailed information in the closed member area, the possibility of exchanging experiences, discounts on the association’s further education measures. In doing so, the worldwide connection for the promotion of the general welfare is of great concern to us.


Would you like to become a member?

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Aromatherapy and Aromacare for animals

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