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The 1st meeting of the working group Berlin in the New Year

The 1st meeting of the working group Berlin in the New Year

January 13, 2021 By Julia Falkenstein

Report on the online working group “Aromatherapy” Berlin on 13.01.2021

On January 13, the first working group “Aromatherapy Berlin” in the New Year took place. Due to the pandemic, the meeting was again held online.

The introductory topic was the essential oil and hydrolate of Cotinus coggyris / wig bush from the distillation of Essences Bulgaria. After I became aware of the Southern European producer with a family business via Botanica 2020, I was able to interview the managing director in the fall and also order some oils, including the previously unknown to me “Moldavian dragon’s head” and “wig shrub”.

In order to also give the participants in the working group an insight into this essential oil of the wig shrub I presented its occurrence, growing site, location, use in the oil and other industries (is still used to produce, among other things, plant paint, baskets, furniture …), and especially the ingredients.

The essential oil, whose smell reminds a little of Angelica archangelica, is rich in monoterpenes. It is traditionally used in Bulgaria strongly for skin care, wound healing, treatment of inflammatory processes.

After the topic of wig shrub, we discussed the topic of events, fragrance tours, seminars 2021, where it was clear to say that few expect normal processes until spring, and the slump in sales and other uncertainties gnawing at their own morale and that of participants and customers. A challenging year for all!


In addition, the current AromaReport of the Aroma-Forum-International on the comprehensive topic of rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus ehem. Rosmarinus officinalis) was discussed. The report is a single-topic booklet and sheds light on rosemary from a wide variety of angles (botany, essential oil, hydrolate, use in horses, etc.).


The next working group will take place on 28.04.2021 see: Aroma Forum Working Group – Berlin


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