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Online working group meeting Hamburg

Online working group meeting Hamburg

March 20,  2021 By Anja Ahl 

March 9 was an online-only meeting for the Hamburg working group. Since the participants came from different regions, we started together after a short introduction round. We first discussed and demonstrated the process and procedure of steam distillation. After that, we distilled in parallel. The “Copper Garden” column distillery 2 l was used as a demonstration object. While the distillery was doing its work, the new aroma report on rosemary was discussed. Rosemary was examined from all sides. Between history and aromatherapy, there was much exchange about mythology and types of applications. We distilled Sardinian myrtle, which is very similar in scent to Turkish myrtle. The co-distillation was done with Swiss pine.


The next meeting will again be planned as a face-to-face event and will take place on 29.06.2021 at 17:00 in the Loki Schmidt Garden. From the plant to the bottle.

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