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I create my own natural perfume

I create my own natural perfume

January 28, 2020 By Maria Hoch

On 26.01.2020, we were all very curious and excited about what was probably behind this seminar offer from Aroma Forum International e.V. with the great fragrance designer Biggi Renner. And we were able to find out. Biggi presented a completely different approach to the production of one’s own natural perfume than the normally usual attention and mixing ratios of top, heart and base notes that we know from the perfume industry.


She showed us a comprehensive holistic approach to fragrances that was very captivating and convincing to all participants.


This offers many different possibilities that can contribute to the creation of one’s own perfume. With scents and colours, mandalas and scent chords, cards, their own preferences and feelings, the appropriate fragrances were developed, selected and mixed one after the other, also including the division into top, heart and base notes.

Each participant was thrilled with her fragrance creation. Thank you Biggi for this creative, creative day, after we went home joyfully with our own created natural perfume.



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