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AK Hamburg – the foundation took place

AK Hamburg – the foundation took place

July 21, 2020 By Anja Ahl

07.07.2020 was the birth of the working group in Hamburg. There were four of us and it was an online meeting. After first technical problems we clarified the privacy policy and the consents came immediately.

It was exciting that the participants representing the north, “as if by the wind” did not come directly from Hamburg. Of course, we introduced ourselves to each other and then I presented the association and its goals. We talked about the new Aromareport 22, animal aromatherapy and its applications. Aroma care in the palliative area with care problem “itchy skin” was thematised and we collected our experiences.

Medically and scientifically we described the difference between EAB and GMP oils. Through our TN Christin, who is a pharmacist, this could be broken down exactly. She described that only 100% pesticide free essential oils are used in the production of essential oil medicines, the oils are all certified to be used as internal applications. She as a pharmacist works closely with doctors and alternative practitioners. For care, internal use on one’s own is absolutely taboo.

Suddenly we came to talk about the rose and its effect, it became a cheerful discussion circle by further wishes were discussed.

Our next meeting should take place in presence on 9.11.2020 in Hamburg. We will make fragrant souvenirs with effect, we decided. Distillation could be part of the meeting. Both – presence and distilling – depend on further development and opening of the gates. Possibly the meeting could take place in the UKE Hamburg. It was a great and for me successful meeting and I am looking forward to the next round.

21.07.2020 Anja Ahl

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