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Foundation of the Eifel Working Group

Foundation of the Eifel Working Group

21. January 2020 by Verena Grewenig

On Friday, January 17, 2020, the founding meeting of the Eifel working group of Aroma Forum international e.V. took place in the Eifel village of Olzheim near the Belgian border. I was pleased to welcome 7 participants, two of them from neighboring Belgium, so our working group is also international.

After the welcome by me, Verena Grewenig, the head of the working group, a round of introductions took place to get to know each other. Furthermore, I introduced the association Aroma Forum International e.V. and the trade journal Aromareport.

There followed some bureaucratic work, because of the data protection and the appointment for the year 2020.

The meetings take place every Friday evening from 19-21 o’clock in the parish home Olzheim (Hauptstraße 26).

24.04.20 Topic: Basic legal issues

26.06.20 Topic: still open

18.09.20 Topic: still open

04.12.20 Topic: Fragrant gifts


From the participants of the palliative care unit Prüm came the suggestion to staff an information booth at the ” Prüm Pain Day” at the St. Joseph Hospital. Date is the 02. or 09.06.20. Also one could hold gladly a working group meeting in the premises of the Palliativstation and present at the same time the aroma work there. Both proposals were positively accepted by the group.


The picture shows the founding members, unfortunately I am missing on this photo, as I took the photo.

I am looking forward to a fragrant exchange of information and cooperation.


Kind regards

Verena Grewenig


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