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Report online working group animal aromatherapy/Bergisches Land on 18.09.2020.

Report online working group animal aromatherapy/Bergisches Land on 18.09.2020.

October 3, 2020 By Sabine Möbius

On this evening we dealt with the topic of allergies in animals and the possible, aromatherapeutic treatment as well as the cypress as a special scent. With almost 30 registered participants, the online working group was well attended, although some unfortunately could not be there live and watched the recording later.

Allergies are now unfortunately a year-round issue in animals and they also run through all species and breeds. And especially here, aromatherapy can provide some relief and support conventional medicine or other types of therapy. At the beginning of the working group we collected our knowledge, what is already known about scents and oils from aromatherapy on the subject. Here already quite a bit came together – both with the fat plant oils, hydrolates and also essential oils themselves. One can look at the topic likewise from sides of the biochemistry, since at least two substance groups have a closer relationship to allergic happening in the body.

Experiences as well as tips and tricks were further exchanged, cases were taken up, difficulties in the selection of fatty oils were discussed, and then it was on to cypress – a fragrance that is unfortunately often unjustly overshadowed by cedar.

Cypress in itself can already do a lot; not only in the area of allergies. It can also be used, for example, for bleeding wounds or for hematomas. Just these indications were not so well known by some participants of the working group. Further it is an important representative, if it concerns structure – to create it or if too much is present and this possibly also changes into control behavior.

Thus the cypress is always worth a look and may be offered with pleasure more frequently with the smell test to the animals whether it could not fit. Especially if cistus and immortelle are possibly rejected due to existing traumas.

Duft-Test bei Katzen

The next working group will take place locally on November 13, 2020 at 5:30 pm at the Phytaro medicinal plant school in Dortmund. However, many participants said at the working group that especially the online version is great, because we animal aromatherapists are still very widely distributed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Thus, the working group will take place from 2021 as a pure online version.


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